Terms & Conditions for Glass Bulletin Awards (GBA) 2023

1.1 The Glass Bulletin Awards (GBA) 2023 is open to individuals, companies, organizations, and institutions that have made significant contributions to the Indian glass industry.
1.2 Nominees must have operations or projects within India related to the glass industry to be eligible for nomination and recognition.

2.1 Nominations for the Glass Bulletin Awards can be submitted by individuals, companies, or organizations, or can be made by the GBA organizing committee.
2.2 Nominees must provide accurate and complete information during the nomination process.
2.3 Self-nominations are allowed, and nominees may also be nominated by others in the industry.
2.4 All nominations must be submitted within the specified nomination period.

Voting Process:
3.1 The voting process will be made available to the public, allowing industry professionals, enthusiasts, and other stakeholders to cast their votes for the nominated candidates.
3.2 Voters must provide valid and authentic information during the voting process.
3.3 Only one vote per category per voter will be allowed to ensure fairness and transparency.
3.4 Any attempt to manipulate the voting process or engage in fraudulent voting activities will result in the disqualification of the nominee.

Award Categories:
4.1 The award categories for GBA 2023 will be defined by the organizing committee and may vary from year to year.
4.2 The organizing committee reserves the right to modify or add award categories as deemed necessary.

Judging Process:
5.1 The winners will be determined based on a combination of public votes and evaluations by a panel of industry experts selected by the organizing committee.
5.2 The judging panel’s decisions will be final and binding in all matters related to award winners.

Award Ceremony:
6.1 The Glass Bulletin Awards ceremony for the year 2023 will take place in Mumbai on September 14th.
6.2 Attendance to the award ceremony may be subject to invitation or ticket purchase, depending on the event’s logistics.

Rights and Permissions: GBA Team
7.1 By participating in the Glass Bulletin Awards, nominees grant the organizing committee the right to use their names, images, and information for promotional and marketing purposes related to the event.
7.2 The organizing committee may use any submitted material, including photographs, videos, and descriptions, for publicity purposes.

8.1 The organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify any nominee found to be in violation of the terms and conditions or engaging in unethical practices.
8.2 Any false information provided by nominees during the nomination process will lead to disqualification.

Changes to Terms & Conditions:
9.1 The organizing committee reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
9.2 Any changes to the terms and conditions will be communicated through the official Glass Bulletin Awards website or other official channels.

Acceptance of Terms:
10.1 By participating in the Glass Bulletin Awards, nominees agree to comply with these terms and conditions.
10.2 Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in the disqualification of the nominee.

Note: These terms and conditions are subject to change and may be updated by the organizing committee before the event. Participants are advised to review the latest version of the terms and conditions on the official Glass Bulletin Awards website or related communication channels.